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A Tiny Change

At a particular time, in my life, I realized I was in a huge rut. The realization arrived via an internal conversation, it began on a Friday. The conversation was nothing interesting. I was thinking about how talented of a musician, my friend's son was. He was fourteen and playing in an adult Blues Band. He sounded like an old hepcat, ripping up the sax!

The following Friday, I came to the same spot. I cleaned houses then, and had the same client every Friday. So when I say "I came to the same spot". I literally mean it physically and mentally. While mopping the same area of the floor, as I had the previous week, I thought again about Sparky playing sax. A week later, same time, same place, same thought.

How many weeks this went on? I don't recall. What I started to realize was I thinking about thinking the thought about him playing. I began to analyze how this pattern was occurring. "Oh my God! I am in an enormous rut!" What to do, what to do.....? Racing around in my mind, I began to freak out. My life was extremely full of activity, actually more than I thought I was handling very well. I was a single mom of a 2 year old, self employed, and working diligently to make new business successful. I certainly didn't have time to make any big changes.

A week later, I heard a thought that said, "Just make a tiny change like change the order you brush your teeth in the morning, or drive to work a slightly different way." So I decided that seemed bite sizable, and I began. First I think I changed the order of mopping the floor that day - look at me getting all crazy and daring!

What I discovered was those tiny changes broke up the matrix of the rut I was in. They actually brought very welcome changes that lead to lovely new opportunities. I drove to work differently, and found a new childcare provider who is still my dear friend to this day. I was also inspired by a stained glass window, which lead me to make a beautiful quilt. The quilt was loved by the child I gave it to, and I was hired to sew several more.

So a tiny change to lead to lovely things!

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