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How it Works

Old Silver Candle Stands

The (un)Stuff-ing

  • We meet -  I come to your home.  We look around at your stuff, and form a plan. (free)

  • Become a team - we work together.  You tell me what you want to tackle that day.  Then we do it.

  • Gather stuff - Collect all similar items, "stage" them for sorting. (I do the moving and lifting.)

  • Comfort for You - at "staging" area, you will be seated comfortably while we sort through the items.

  • 3 Piles - there will be a "keep" pile, a "give away" pile, and a "think-about-decide-later" pile. No worries, we got this!

  • Pertinent Places - at the end of each day the "give away" pile(s) leave with me (unless they are too big for my vehicle).

Free consultation
Moving Boxes

The Movement

  • Keep - the possessions/belongings you love surrounding you.

  • Bequeathing - these are the things you are giving to the people you love

  • Donate - choose a charity and I will transport your doations.

  • Re-Homing & Re-Use - not all charities accept specific items.  I can find a proper home for these items.

  • Re-Selling - perhaps you want to sell some of your more valuable belongings.  I can help facilitate that too.

  • Recycling- the items we cannot find new homes for will be recycled.  

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