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My Experiences with Stuff = Why I can Help YOU

I have moved many times in my life.  Several moves have arisen out of circumstance, and many times I had to pick just a few things out of all my stuff.  I learned a few key things:

Whatever stuff I left behind, the Universe filled back in when I needed it at a new place. More often than not, the new stuff was even more wonderful.

Choosing what to keep and what to get rid of can be extremely difficult, overwhelming, and anxiety producing.  Strangely, I was completely alone every time life threw me this opportunity.  I have experienced every gamut of emotion associated with this process, and have endless compassion as a result. I want to help others go through this daunting process and share my experience, like the story about my Gramma Johnson’s rolling pin.

Gramma Johnson was not found in my rolling pin.  What in the world does that mean? As I sift through stuff I create 3 piles: “giveaway, “keep”, and “I don’t know”.  There was one item in particular in the “I don’t know” pile that baffled me: my Gramma’s rolling pin.  I had two other smaller ones, and I rarely, almost never use a rolling pin.  I have other nice things from Gramma.  Out of everything I pawed through, why did this go into the “I don’t know” pile?  I left it in the pile, alone for days. After mulling over Gramma’s rolling pin, I realized it represented the memory of spending time with her.  She was an amazing baker and being with that rolling pin meant having time with her, and her peach pie!  But Gramma wasn’t in the rolling pin; her memories were inside of me.  The pin has rolled on, but I still have Gramma’s earrings.   They are beautiful (and take up way less space).

Having to let go of most of my stuff at one time or another, I have developed a huge reservoir of understanding, compassion, and ability to help you make these decisions. The great thing is you may not want to get rid of any of it, but you have a desire to de-clutter. I can help you decide what to “giveaway” or “keep” and show compassion and understanding for your“ I don’t know” pile, because I have been there, rolling pin and all. You can learn to live with your stuff joyfully. My service to you: The (un)Stuff Movement!

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